The company


The history of Primavera International traces one of the more and more rare "Family Companies" that survive to crisis and generational changes.
In the world there are not many companies of this kind but all of them pursue a commune strategy: to evolve and to innovate.
Since 1964 Primavera International has operated in this way reinvesting its own profits in purchase of new machineries, in research and in development of new products.
Its location, inside the hosiery district of Castel Goffredo, is very important because it allows to have easily access to every novelties regarding yarns, machineries and industrial processes.
That has permitted to the company to anticipate the fashions and the tendencies and to its customers to be winners on their markets.

Our values

Primavera International is a company founded on solid values and oriented to the performances. It supports and helps its own customers to face and to win their more important challenges making available its experience and the proper know-how.

Our strengths are the respect for people, environmental Protection and to answer with promptness.

About Primavera